"Injectors, Cosmetic House Calls"

DALLAS, Texas — “Kim Welch and Sally Bradley are two of the best at what they do. They are … Injectors! And today, they are making a house call.
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"Looking Good Dallas"

By TIm Matthews, Scoreboard Monthly

Like it or not, it’s a fact of life that we’re all getting older but as they say, it beats the alternative. Dallas is a city right up there with L.A., New York and Miami that has a strong sense of appearance. When the PGA Tour does its annual survey, the players always say that some of the prettiest women they see during the year are at the Byron Nelson Classic.

Businessman Blake Andrews realized how important the issue is to Dallas and came up with the idea for Cosmetic Care Concierge. The company started in early November and performs most non-invasive cosmetic procedures either in their offices or at your home. That’s the unique part of the idea. There are a lot of Day Spas around, as a matter of fact as Andrews says, “Spas in Dallas are like Starbucks, there seems to be one on almost every corner.” He realized that a lot of people, particularly men, were self-conscience about going to an office or spa to have treatments performed. Cosmetic Care Concierge uses only licensed professionals which isn’t always the case with other companies, “some people feel more comfortable in a professional surrounding, others prefer the privacy of their home. It’s all about making the customer comfortable,” says Sally Bradley a registered nurse with over 28 years of medical experience who performs many of the procedures at Cosmetic Care Concierge. Read More about this post...