Ding Dong, Botox Calling

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Contributed to DISH By: Molly Nolan

The first day of December was a rainy night but that didn’t keep Dallas’ social set from making their way to the private home of Blake Andrews for the launch of his new company Cosmetic CARe Concierge, Christian Iles and Abi Ferrin also hosted the party. 

Guests such as Joe Pacetti, Miles Austin and Elaine Raffel were treated to fabulous fare from Lisa Garza, chair massages, cosmetic procedures and cocktails. Abi Ferrin and Christian Iles showed off her of ab-fab designs for the upcoming holiday season. Stunning!  Demonstrations of Cosmetic CARe Concierge were given and Brendan Higgins was there to emcee the event and keep the party moving!           
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