"The Cosmetic Lift That Comes to Your Front Door"

By: Mike Wortham, NBC News
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A North Texas entrepreneur is taking cosmetic procedures out on house calls. People looking for deals on cosmetic procedures have been throwing illegal, unlicensed "Botox parties" for years. But Blake Andrews' Cosmetic Care Concierge is the first company licensed to do noninvasive cosmetic procedures at home.

Dysport Injection
"I really feel that I've gone out and got the best, and I've heard nothing but great things about the working relationships with our clients and our injectors, " Andrews said.

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"Wrinkle Free Plan"

By Alan Peppard, The Dallas Morning News
Blake is CEO of Cosmetic CARe Concierge, which opens for business on Monday. They send pros out so you can get those wrinkle-killing dermal injections right in your house.
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