"Botox Service Makes House Calls"

Featured on the Plastic Surgery Channel

Botox parties may boom in the new year, thanks to Cosmetic Care Concierge, a new company offering to perform noninvasive procedures at customers’ homes.  The service uses registered nurses who are experienced with cosmetic injections, and show up at your door.

A new business in North Texas promises to not only make you look younger, but also deliver cosmetic procedures right to your front door.
The new Cosmetic Care Concierge service is a licensed and legal version of the so-called “Botox party,” offering to perform noninvasive procedures at the customer’s home. This company sends a registered nurse who is also an experienced cosmetic injector.  These nurses go anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

They offer lip augmentation, wrinkle reduction, scar treatments and non-surgical facelifts with products such as Restylane, Perlane and Dysport, the latest FDA-approved alternative to Botox.
The company’s founder and CEO, Blake Andrews, said that his new service is private way to offer plastic surgery to men who usually wouldn’t be seen in sitting in a medispa waiting room.